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CEC Mission Fund

CEC offers students the extraordinary opportunity to earn a college degree or college course credits and industry or post-secondary certifications at no cost – in addition to a high school diploma. So much more than merely taking a few college classes while in high school, our early college model flips the typical high school paradigm which asks “where do you want to go to college?”  and instead starts with “what interests and strengths do you have and how do those align to your career goals?”. The ‘secret sauce’ to student success lies in our concierge-style advising model which is student-led, high touch, and engaging. Our curriculum, college course offerings, and one-on-one college and career advising are blended to equip ALL students with the skills necessary to succeed, both academically and in life. Your gift to the CEC Mission Fund supports innovation in student learning options, advising, and college and career planning.

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