Dr. Betsy Basch

Director of Student Services

Dr. Basch is a licensed clinical psychologist, an independently licensed counselor, a Nationally Credentialed Counselor, and a credentialed school psychologist. She’s been working in a variety of areas of mental health & education for 20 years. She has overall interests in delivering and developing culturally competent, culturally aware and inclusive social-emotional environments, training, therapeutic interventions and assessment and has presented on topics such as neuroflexibility, culture and mental illness, disability and sexuality, disability and identity, cultural components of community health and inclusive culturally competent programming and measurement. She works to facilitate conversations on intersectional topics that are inclusive of disability, and finds engagement to be a fascinating and terrifying process!

Dr. Basch has a B.S. in Psychology, a minor in sport coaching and a concentration in philosophy. Her master’s & doctorate’s are in Clinical Counseling, and Clinical & School Psychologist from Argosy University-Phoenix. She is also a professional athlete, and plays for the Arizona Sidewinders.

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