Dr. Jay Egger

Head of School

Dr. Jay Egger is the Head of School for Colorado Early Colleges—Inverness. One of Jay’s core beliefs is: each student matters. Jay believes that education is responsible for dedicating every resource to student exploration, achievement and growth, both academically and personally. He knows that academic institutions must be firmly committed to preparing students to enter an ever-changing, complex and competitive world with confidence—having mastered the skills needed to make positive contributions in their communities.

Dr. Egger’s 23 years of academic, student-centered experience—as a former university professor and department chair, business owner, executive director for a non-profit, high school sports’ coach, and as a veteran—have prepared him for the institutional commitment necessary to build and sustain the opportunities that students can be excited about and challenged by. His experience has further prepared him to provide students with equitable access to relevant learning materials, support an engaged faculty and staff, build and sustain meaningful relationships with students, families, teachers, and community, and provide a safe and inclusive culture that is both engaging and vibrant.

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