Disa Shelton

Academic & Career Advisor
Disa is a former Test Examiner at a joint US/UK military base in England. She administered all military exams, CLEP tests, and college course exams. Disa then became an Army Education Counselor and assisted U.S. Army soldiers stationed at 4 military bases across England. Her responsibility was to help Army soldiers establish educational and career goals, select a degree in line with meeting those goals, and build strategies for academic success. After moving to Austin, TX, with her family, Disa began working at Austin Community College in the Assessment Office. Being employed at the community college provided the opportunity to interact with students regularly and assist them in study skills for the ACCUPLACER test. She also assisted in the school’s College Connection and Early College Start programs by going into area high schools to create a bridge for high school students to enter community college. Disa received a Bachelor of Science degree in Clothing and Textiles from Texas Tech University and a Master of Science degree in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. Disa has a passion of helping young people to become better students and to find the path that gets them excited for their future. In her free time, Disa enjoys traveling, antiquing, exploring the Denver area, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

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