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We truly appreciate people spreading the word about CEC. Refer-A-Friend to Colorado Early Colleges and you may be eligible to receive up to a $100 gift card!

How it Works

You tell a friend about Colorado Early Colleges and that friend completes the CEC enrollment process to one of our schools or programs.

You fill out our Refer-A-Friend form and submit it by October 1st.

If your friend stays enrolled through October 31st of their first semester, you will receive a $100 gift card for a full-time student or a $50 gift card for a part-time student! 

Rules & Restrictions

Only one referral name per form will be accepted. A separate form must be submitted for each prospective student.

Only one gift card will be awarded per student. If multiple referral forms are received for the same student, the first form submitted will be honored.

CEC is prohibited by law from awarding referral gifts for current students, siblings of current students, or students from the same household as the referring person.

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