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At Colorado Early Colleges (CEC), we know that each and every one of our students is unique. From their heritage and backgrounds, to their passions and interests, to their strengths and talents, to their dreams and goals. The CEC Governing Board, staff, advisors and teachers are forever inspired by the uniqueness of our students and by the responsibility we share in providing every possible opportunity for each of them to succeed not only in school, but in life. We created CEC4me! to introduce some of our students, to share their goals, reveal their challenges, and highlight their achievements at CEC. We are extremely proud to showcase their stories as a way to inspire others as much as they continue to inspire us.

Meet Laura!

CEC Aurora Graduate

Goal: Pursue A Career In Medicine & Become A Surgeon

 “After finishing 9th grade at my previous high school, I felt like there weren’t many opportunities there for me and that if I’m going to do better for myself, it’s up to me. I learned about CEC through close friends and decided to enroll. Three years later I’m graduating high school with an Associate Degree plus a Patient Care Technician Certificate from the Community College of Aurora — and ready to take on the next challenge at MSU Denver to stay on my path towards a career in medicine. All thanks to CEC and my amazing advisors and teachers at CEC Aurora. Go, Warriors!”

Meet Jazmia!

CEC Castle Rock Graduate

Goal: Explore Career Options & Take College Classes in High School

“Coming to CEC Castle Rock after my sophomore year at my previous school was a great decision for me. My parents and I loved the small school feel, the personal contact with advisors, teachers and staff, and the opportunity to earn a free college degree. My advisor and teacher, Ms. Blind, helped me figure out what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, and the classes I needed to get there. Now I’m a CECCR graduate with an associate degree and moving on to pursue my next degree in business!”

Meet William!

CEC Colorado Springs Graduate

Goal: Become A Doctor & Serve Under-Resourced Families

“Seeing both my parents experience health problems while I was growing up and not have access to medical care inspired my goal to become a doctor and give the kind of care my parents needed to people in my community. Thanks to the college opportunities that Colorado Early Colleges offers high school students and the encouragement and support of my amazing advisor and teachers at CEC Colorado Springs, I’m on my way towards achieving that goal.”

Meet Gabby!

CEC College Direct Student

Goal: Pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

“The College Direct program at CEC has turned out to be a great fit for me. I was a little worried at first that college level courses were going to be really hard and that I wasn’t going to be able to get an A, but my advisors at CEC were confident I could do the work and they were right. I love the variety and the challenges of the courses I’m able to take and I’m really looking forward to graduating high school from CEC with a college degree in my hands!”

Meet Mya!

CEC Parker Graduate

Goal: Become a Civil Engineer

“I heard about CEC through a friend at church. After finishing middle school I felt like I hadn’t been challenged, so the idea of going to an early college high school and being able to take college courses for free sounded great for me and my family. My advisors and teachers helped me choose classes, apply for scholarships and really excel. I was even able to play CHSSA girls soccer at Aurora High!”

Meet Connor!

CEC Fort Collins Middle School Graduate

Goal: Pursue Career Interests in Piloting & STEM

“I definitely love STEM. My CEC teachers challenged me by explaining things in a way that made it possible for me to do the work I needed to do. I loved my middle school teachers and how helpful they were and I also really liked how many choices I had for elective classes. Moving onto CEC Fort Collins High School has been really great and the InnoLab is awesome!”

Meet Quinn!

CEC Fort Collins Graduate

Goal: To Figure Out a Goal in Life

“I decided that working towards a college degree during high school would be a good way to figure out a goal in life and CEC was the only school where I could do that. After taking my first acting class at Front Range Community College I was hooked, and knew right then I wanted to be an actor. Now I have an opportunity to pursue my goal at one of the best schools in the country thanks to CEC!”

Meet Jesus!

CEC Inverness Homeschool Student

Goal: Explore Career Opportunities in Computer Science

“We were having a hard time finding ways to add computer science courses to my homeschooling, but being able to enroll part-time at CEC changed all of that. I was super-nervous my first day on-campus and now I’m super-excited to get back and be with my CEC teachers and classmates. My computer classes are challenging and my teachers are helping me explore all of the possibilities that are available in computer science. It’s awesome!”

Meet Clark!

CEC Inverness Student

Goal: Explore Academic & Career Paths in STEM or Medicine

“My physical health was making it nearly impossible for me to attend classes at school. I thought about homeschooling, but after visiting CEC Inverness with my Mom and learning how I would have the flexibility to create a class schedule to fit in with my physical recovery, I enrolled. I loved my old school, but it was the best decision I could have made to switch to CEC. My teachers are great, my body is healing, and, I’m on a path towards a career in bio-medicine.”

Meet Mo!

CEC Parker Graduate

Goal: Become an Attorney

“For me, to have the opportunity to go to a school like CEC Parker is a privilege. It became clear to me early on that I would have the ability to be involved in creating my own path towards what I wanted to do in life and make my own experience at CEC. I loved being able to work one-on-one with advisors and teachers who cared so much about my success. Now I’m on my way thanks to them.”

Meet Jose! 

CEC Colorado Springs Graduate

Goal: Become a Firefighter

“I like the simple fact of the opportunity to go to college – I never thought of college as a possibility for my future. My circumstances in life would never have led me to earning an associate degree but thanks to the support of my teachers and advisors, I did it. CEC gave me the chance to pursue my goal of becoming a firefighter, all I had to do was put the work into it.”

Meet Ally!

CEC Fort Collins Middle School Graduate

Goal: Become a Detective

“I did a lot of the same work I had been doing before coming to CEC, but now things feel like they’re more about me and I have a voice in what we do. My classmates and I learned a lot about planning ahead for what we might want to do in life and I think that’s going to help us in high school and college. I get so bummed when a school day is over, I really miss my teachers and friends when I’m not there.”

Meet Carsyn! 

CEC Windsor Middle School Student

Goal: Complete Middle School and be Ready for High School

“I love that my teachers are always there for me when I need them. My 6th grade math teacher, Ms. M., would go out of her way to help me…when we were still in class last year she would stay after school to work with me and during remote learning should would call and explain and write things out. They also got to know me outside of just teaching and some even went to my barrel races!”

Meet Ricardo! 

CEC Aurora Graduate

Goal: Become a Pilot in the U.S. Air Force

“My parents emigrated from Mexico before I was born to give their children more opportunities in life. I can never thank them or my community of friends, advisors, and teachers at CEC enough for giving me this great chance to follow my dream of becoming a pilot. I was an apprentice with CareerWise at Frontier Airlines, and choosing CEC made it possible to schedule my classes with my job.”

Meet Kevin!

CEC Fort Collins Graduate

Goal: Explore Career Opportunities

“CEC helped me decide what I wanted to do so I didn’t waste time or money studying something in college that didn’t interest me. I focused on construction at first, but then I got interested in criminal justice. It was awesome to explore different career paths, and I can’t thank my advisors and teachers enough for the time and effort they put in to help me set my goals and put me on a path to reach them.”

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