Colorado Families! CEC Offers Fully-Online Learning!

Colorado Early Colleges is Excited to Offer Fully-Online Learning for ALL Colorado Students Grades 6-12!

CEC Online Campus (CECOLC) is a tuition-free public charter school welcoming ALL 6-12 grade students living in metro and rural Colorado — offering both full-time enrollment and part-time enrollment for homeschool families.

CECOLC is a fully-online offering for students in grades 6-12 with the same great support and skill-based programming our on-campus students experience in our middle school and high school campuses.

Our online campus culture is caring, inclusive, and focused on creating confident, lifelong learners!

Our Online Campus is Favorable For:

  • Students seeking an accelerated or paced program
  • Students living in districts with limited program access
  • Students living in districts that DO NOT offer no-cost College Degrees and Other Industry Credentials
  • Families with non-traditional schedules
  • Students that require individual support and personalized curriculum

Want to make sure that fully-online learning is the right choice for your family? We encourage you to RSVP for one of our Online Campus Informational Meetings, or, for an Informational Meeting scheduled at a CEC Middle School or High School.

Please note that submitting an RSVP to a CEC Informational Meeting does not place you under any obiligation to apply for enrollment. These meetings are made available to assist Colorado families in choosing the best possible option for the education of their students.

RSVP for One of Our Informational Meetings


Interested in fully-online learning for the 2024-25 school year? For our:


Please contact your Principal.


Please contact your student’s Academic Advisor.

Top Online Learning FAQs

As a fully-online program, all courses are taught online in an asynchronous environment with optional, recorded, synchronous live classes occurring each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students will regularly engage with teachers and support staff outside of designated synchronous time for help and support to complete assignments. Students complete courses by displaying mastery of assignments and are granted multiple attempts.

Yes, the OnFire/Spark LMS platform that CEC utilizes and all online college course online platforms are accessible via Windows or IOS operating systems.

Yes! Any 6-12 grade student living in Colorado is eligible to enroll.

Yes! CEC students can participate in sports at their local middle schools and high schools through CHSSA or independent clubs. Processes and procedures regarding participation can vary between schools. We recommend you reach out to your local school to learn more.

Middle school students will enroll in year-long courses with options to accelerate. Courses must be completed by the end of the term.

Yes, eighth-grade students can take college courses when deemed ready. Students and families will let their advisor know that they intended to take college level classes; from that point the advisor will ensure the appropriate placement scores have been achieved and will coordinate with the college partner for approval.

Yes! Students are able to access associate degree pathways through our CEC Online Program.

Yes, all students will have the opportunity to take state required standardized tests.  Parents do have the right to “opt” their student out of state testing.

All students and families will undergo a technology audit and onboarding to ensure there is confidence at home in navigating our systems. Students who need a laptop will be eligible to complete the checkout form and receive their equipment.

Yes! CEC will offer clubs like student government, E- sports, junior achievers, and others online. CEC will also offer in-person regional events to help build a sense of community with classmates, promote school pride, and support student wellbeing. Additionally, students will have the option to participate in school events and clubs in person via their CEC school of enrollment.

Students are accountable for completing their coursework by:
– Working at either a paced or accelerated learning model that guides them towards course completion.
– Meeting with their teachers, advisor, and tutors who will proactively reach out to students to support them and help keep them on task.

Questions for Our Online Learning Director?

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