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At Colorado Early Colleges, students have the opportunity to earn a degree or certification either on campus or through one of our accredited college partners. This page links to our college partners’ degree options and lists some of our certification opportunities. Please keep in mind that most degrees and certificates are available to our students; however, your family will need to work with your advisor to confirm that there are not age or other degree restrictions. Please see CEC Guidance on Postsecondary Credentials on what qualifies to meet CEC graduation requirements.

College Partners

Select a college partner from the list below to view current offerings:


In addition to the offerings at our college partners, students at Colorado Early Colleges have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications.


• Microsoft Applications

• Microsoft Word

• Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft PowerPoint

• Microsoft Access

• Microsoft Word Expert

• Microsoft Excel Expert

• Microsoft Access Expert

• QuickBooks

• Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management


• Autodesk AutoCAD

• SolidWorks

Health Science

• Basic Life Support (BLS)

Information Technology

• A+

• Network +

• Security +

• IT Fundamental

Multimedia and Graphic Design

• Unity Certified User

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe InDesign

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