Keshia Medellin

Head of School

Mrs. Keshia Medellin has 20 years of experience in education.  Prior to becoming Head of School, Keshia was the Academic Dean at CEC Castle Rock. She supervised and led all academic operations for the school and managed a staff of 20 instructors.  She led the school’s MTSS and RTI teams and was integral in the creation of grants, UIPs, Academic Growth Plans, and curriculum development.  Keshia was an instructional coach and member of the building leadership team for a secondary school in Castle Rock and an adjunct history professor at CEC Parker from 2014-to 2018.  She has a BA in History from the University of California, San Diego, MA from the University of Chicago, and a MA in Teaching from National Louis University.

There is a quote she loves, “Use education to accomplish your grandparents’ wildest dreams.” She believes intensely in the power that education can be used to change lives, engender hope, and create opportunity. When she thinks about CEC’s mission and distills it down to its essence, it is about providing opportunities for our students. Every day, students have the opportunity to grow academically and personally, the opportunity to experience and display kindness, and the opportunity to make connections and feel seen. Each day, students get the choice to grab ahold of those opportunities, reap the benefits, and accomplish their dreams. And as head of school, she believes it is her responsibility to support the dreams of students.

Personally, Keshia is a wife and mother of 3 daughters who are enjoying what charter schools can offer in educational choices. She loves to cook, travel, decorate, play cards games and read.

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