Student Spotlight: CEC Inverness 11th Grader, Keeler Spear, Serves on Colorado GT Board and Citizens Climate Lobby!

Meet Keeler Spear, an accomplished CEC Inverness 11th grader, who will be graduating a year early! Before Colorado Early Colleges, Keeler was not satisfied with his high school experience and researched high schools with more opportunities. He pitched his findings about CEC to his parents and did the leg work to get himself registered. Now, Keeler will be graduating with his associate degree and high school diploma as an 11th grader this May.

In addition to time spent on college classes, Keeler has served on the Colorado Gifted and Talented (GT) Board for the past two years and has worked on the website, created presentations, shared his ideas in the monthly meetings, and presented at the Colorado Association of School Boards last year. He hopes his work with the board will help to expand services and opportunities to GT students in schools across Colorado.

But that’s not all, Keeler also wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that he really cared about and that would make a difference. He researched and joined the Citizens Climate Lobby, where he is the youngest member on his team.  He has identified Colorado legislature climate bills, developed a voting system to evaluate Colorado state legislature greenhouse gas emission bills, and was awarded the certificate of excellence for his work.

Way to go, Keeler! We can’t wait to see what your future holds!

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