Brainiacs of Colorado Early Colleges Middle School Excel at Knowledge Bowl!

The Colorado Early Colleges Middle School Knowledge Bowl team did it again! This past weekend, the team competed against some of the brightest minds in the region and held our own by finishing in fourth place! This achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and intellectual prowess of our students.

The competition was fierce, with teams battling it out in a series of challenging written and oral rounds covering a wide range of subjects from history and science to literature, world languages and more! Our students displayed remarkable knowledge and teamwork, strategizing, and collaborating effectively to answer questions under pressure.

Karen Karppinen, the team’s coach, is delighted with the teams’ hard work and progress, “We are incredibly proud of our Knowledge Bowl team. Colorado Early College Middle School Knowledge Bowl students’ commitment to learning and collaborative spirit have paid off. This accomplishment is not only a reflection of their individual talents but also a testament to the supportive environment we have fostered within the team.”

The Knowledge Bowl program is a valuable opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and build confidence. It’s also a great way to make new friends and have fun in a challenging and supportive environment.

Could you answer some of their questions?  Give it a try!

Crossing Cultures

Prints from what country heavily influenced the French Impressionists? Many of the impressionists included these prints in their own private collections.

  1. Brazil
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Netherlands
  5. United States


Factor the following quadratic equation: 14x²+9x+1

  1. (-7x+1)(2x+1)
  2. (7x+1)(-2x+1)
  3. (7x+1)(2x-1)
  4. (7x+1)(2x-1)
  5. (7x-1)(2x+1)

What’s In a Name?

What is the technical name for the medical specialty dealing with disorders of the ears, nose, and throat?

  1. Audiology
  2. Endocrinology
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Otolaryngology
  5. Sphygmomanometer

All in the Family

Apples, pears, almonds, raspberries, plums, and cherries are all products of what plant family?

  1. Cucurbit
  2. Gymnosperm
  3. Legume
  4. Nightshade
  5. Rose

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