Student Spotlight: CEC Robotics Program Succeeds At Colorado Vex Robotics Competition High School State Championship

Students represented the CECFC Robotics Program at the Colorado Vex Robotics Competition State Championships last Saturday, March 4th. Formed as a club 7 years ago, this program has developed to four class periods which has produced multiple teams that qualified for the US Open Championships and VEX Worlds Championships.

“CEC Robotics provides students an opportunity to implement their skills in construction, teamwork, problem solving, and strategy in a student driven learning environment. This program is CEC’s closest resemblance of a competitive sports team for the school, and it gives students an opportunity to work within the robotics community to hone their engineering and communication skills. Students develop work-based skills in CEC’s robotics’ program that better ready them for real world applications within a structured engineering and problem-solving environment. CEC Robotics also provides students with travel and fundraising experiences via qualifications for larger tournaments and invitationals.” – Evan Mesch, Robotics Instructor/Coach


Team: C–
Members: Peter Bennett, Isaiah Hocking, Tyler Pennock, Hayden Tallis
This was their 3rd state championship, ranked 3rd out of 32 teams in the qualification rounds. During elimination rounds, they paired up with an Erie, Co team and made it all the way to the Finals! They won one out of three matches and took 2nd place at the State tournament which got them an invitation to the VEX Worlds Championships in Dallas, Texas on April, 25th – April, 27th! They will also be heading to the US Open Competition in Iowa on March 23rd-25th.

Team: G.O.A.T.
Members: AJ S, Brogan R, Hudson G, and Tristen A
Team G.O.A.T. of CECFC Middle School qualified for the Middle School Robotics World Championships! Worlds will be taking place in Dallas, Texas at the end of April.

Team: Blue Screws
Members: Safwan Ahmad, Jonathan Burgener, William Deeds, Hays Fyten, Bennett Kidder
Ranked 5th out of 32 teams in qualifications and17th in the skills portion of the tournament with a score of 113, this team got all the way to the semi-finals after pairing up with a Windsor team during elimination tournament, but lost to the State Champion Alliance. They will be competing at the US Open Championships in Council Bluffs, Iowa on March, 23rd – March 25th!

Team: FrostByte (formally: The Entropotists)
Members: Elias “Freshman” Briggs, Alex “Buff Bennett” Faltermier, Tripton Hazlett, Josh Mitchell
Team FrosyByte had the 2nd highest score of the elimination bracket overall, but their real strength was their skills score. Their skill score of 200 ranked them 6th at state, and they have been invited to compete in the Worlds Championships in Dallas, Texas on April, 25th – April, 27th!

Team: WacecaW
Members: Vance Hansen, Dietrich Higman, Jeremiah Hirschi, Spencer Lock, Hosea Masih
Ranked 10th out of 32 teams in the qualification matches, this team paired up with a Kent Denver team for the finals bracket. They made it all of the way to the quarter finals in the elimination tournament. They will be taking their experience to the US Open Competition in Iowa on March 23rd-25th! 

To learn more about the robotics program and support their ability to grow, visit here!

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