Soaring High: Poudre Valley REA Grants $2,000 for Drone Kits in Colorado Early Colleges Windsor Aviation Class!

Get ready for liftoff! Thanks to a generous $2,000 grant from Poudre Valley REA, the future of flight is taking shape at Colorado Early Colleges Windsor. Steven Coppa, a passionate teacher leading the Aviation 1 class, has secured a grant to purchase 11 drone kits, propelling students into the exciting world of aerial robotics.

This grant is a game-changer for the program, allowing students to gain hands-on experience building and flying their own drones. They’ll delve into the fascinating world of aerodynamics, electronics, and coding, transforming theory into practice as they assemble, calibrate, and pilot their creations.

This grant is not just about building drones; it’s about building futures. By equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of aviation, Poudre Valley REA and Mr. Coppa are investing in the next generation of innovators and explorers. Keep your eyes peeled for these future aviators taking flight with their drone kits, soaring high thanks to the power of collaboration and community support!

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