Maren Blind

Head of School

Maren Blind has worked in education since 2001, serving students across every grade level. In leadership, administration, and teaching, her work for over twenty years has covered a wide range of education responsibilities, all focused on achieving goals which are consistent with the mission of Colorado Early Colleges.

Maren joined the CECCR when the school opened in 2020. Since then, Maren has served as Teacher, Academic Advisor, Academic Dean and now as the Head of School.  With experience in all these positions, Maren has detailed knowledge on a variety of areas that are crucial to the success of our school. In addition to working at CECCR, Maren has been teaching for Arapahoe Community College since 2016 and continues to instruct future teachers in a Foundations of Education course. As a goal-oriented teacher and administrator, she takes pride in her teaching, effective communication, and problem-solving to promote individual student success, as well as a thriving educational environment at CECCR.

Maren’s passion for education and building meaningful relationships with students and families will continue to drive her work at CECCR. A statement frequently heard from Maren as the leader of CECCR is: “I will always put students first, as the top priority, when leading and making decisions.”

Maren holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies (Education) and an M.A. in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Literacy. Her own philosophy of education embraces the idea of adults modeling the merits of constant and continual learning, a commitment she loves to practice and promote by striving to learn more, both personally and professionally.

Since 2007, Maren has lived in Castle Rock and is active in the community, serving on a Charter School Governing Board and attending district meetings.  In her free time, Maren enjoys being physically active, from running to rock climbing, traveling around the world to experience different cultures, reading great books, as well as cooking and spending time with her son and daughter.

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