Staff Spotlight: Jeremiah Dukes | Academic and Career Advisor



As we start a new school year at Colorado Early Colleges, we want to highlight our staff that make it all happen. This week’s Staff Spotlight is Jeremiah Dukes, Academic and Career Advisor for CEC Online Campus, who has been with CEC since 2018!

Our CEC Online Campus (formerly Online Program) offers fully-online learning to ALL Colorado students in grades 6-12 with the same great support and skill-based programming our on-campus students experience in our middle school and high school campuses.

Students can work on-pace or accelerated, earning both a High School Diploma and an Associate Degree upon graduation – with ZERO COST to students and families.

“My role as an advisor is constantly changing based on the support needs of the students/families that come to CEC. Each student possess different abilities, aptitude, learning styles, and academic goals. As an Advisor, I must listen to each individual student/parent, build a rapport, and tailor an individualized Career and Academic Plan. I help students take their ideas, dreams, personal goals, or academic pursuit, and provide a step by step gird to lead to those accomplishment.

I am extremely happy and proud to provide personalized advising through CEC ‘s Online Campus. I love meeting individuals/families from all over Colorado who need a different educational experience based on a variety of issues. As I meet with them and hear what many of my students are accomplishing outside of school. I am proud that CEC Online Campus can provide a fully developed high school/community college experience totally structured to serve our students/parents.”

-Jeremiah Dukes

What roles does a CEC Academic Advisor play? 


  • Develops relationships with students and families
  • Develops educational & career goals
  • Time management & study strategies
  • Evaluates academic progress
  • Identifies tutoring & academic resources
  • Communicates between students, teachers, Academic Dean, Head of School, & ESS Department
  • Graduation planning
  • College major & career exploration
  • FAFSA & college applications
  • Scholarships & letters of recommendation

You can learn more about the Online Campus and how to enroll here:



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