Student Spotlight: CEC Fort Collins 11th Grader, Emerson Preuss, Competes in 8 Professional Jiu Jitsu Fights!

Meet Emerson Preuss, a CEC Fort Collins 11th grader, who has been training in Jiu Jitsu for over ten years. Emerson competes regularly and has participated in over 75 competitions both locally, nationally, and internationally. Since achieving a blue belt, Emerson has done 8 pro fights and has a 7-1 record, defeating men ranging from 17 – 31 years of age. He trains 4 -5 times a week and has held his own against the best in the world at international competitions.

His parents credit his Jiu Jitsu training with bringing him out of his shell as the mental and physical nature of the martial art tests individuals at every level. Through his example, many of his peers and family members have also started training after seeing his results. His younger sister (Ella, 13) and father (Kelsey, 44) are also in the top ten competitors internationally.  Together their team, Catalyst Jiu Jitsu has become more than just a  place to train, and has developed into one large extended family.

Way to go, Emerson! We can’t wait to continue seeing you confront your challenges and accomplish your goals.

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