School Spotlight: CEC Douglas County North Awarded Ninth Grade Success Grant!

CEC DC North was awarded almost $200,000 over 2.5 years to develop curriculum and data systems to support ninth grade success and to support specific staff and materials for courses. The funding will help to ensure that the Freshman Academy will have a solid start and provide freshmen students with a path to successfully transition into high school.

CEC DC North is excited to launch their Freshman Academy in the fall of 2024. This program is designed to create a strong ninth grade community where all will be able to thrive socially and emotionally, and dive into their learning in a welcoming and empowering space. ​

Some of the highlights of the new Freshman Academy include:

  • A year-long advisory class will focus on developing academic, executive function, and social-emotional skills, supporting students to successfully transition into high school. ​
  • Ninth grade students will stay together in their classes creating a strong community of learners and relationships with adults and peers. ​
  • A ninth grade success team will closely monitor student progress and work to identify and address student needs to promote academic success based on appropriate interventions and instructional supports. ​
  • Students will continue to be placed in classes based on academic ability upon entering CEC DC North. ​
  • The Academy will still have access to all the specialty programming that the campus offers. ​

If you are interested in learning more, click here to sign up for an upcoming school tour!

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