Student Spotlight: CEC Douglas County Students Outperform District & State on SAT Scores!

Statewide results from the Colorado Department of Education for PSAT and SAT testing performed during March-May 2021 showed that our CEC Douglas County School 11th grade students from Castle Rock, Inverness and Parker outperformed their counterparts at both the district and statewide level in their SAT mean score averages.

Jay Eggar, Head of School for Colorado Early Colleges Inverness says, “Our students, in collaboration with our educators and students’ families, strive for excellence and academic mastery. We couldn’t be prouder of our team and our school’s performance.”

With a mean overall SAT score of 1137, CEC Douglas County students outdistanced Douglas County School District mean scores by 70 points over the district average of 1067, a 6.5% improvement. Douglas County CEC student scores surpassed state mean SAT scores of 1011 by a whopping 126 points or a 12% improvement.

“Our faculty and staff live the daily commitment to our students to ensure they have the tools they need to meet and exceed their educational goals,” says CEC Parker Head of School Dan Hoffman, “Our students’ SAT scores and academic achievements are testament to a committed partnership between our students, their families and our educators.”

Colorado Early Colleges Castle Rock Head of School Cory Harbor notes, “Even though our school has only been opened since 2020, we are already delivering on the promise realized by ALL Colorado Early Colleges campuses. Our school is a top performer, and we are proud to be part of the Colorado Early Colleges network.”

Nearly 90% of CEC Douglas County 11th grade students taking the test met the benchmark of Evidence Based Reading and Writing, besting Douglas County School District’s 69% and just 60% of students statewide. 63.4% of CEC Douglas County students met benchmarks in Math versus 49.1% of Douglas County district students and just 36.4% of students statewide.

“Each and every member of our team lives our mission statement that we will offer every student, regardless of background or skill level, the opportunity to pursue a growth mindset that will allow them to achieve mastery and demonstrate they can succeed in school, in college and in their chosen career,” says Sandi Brown, Colorado Early College’s Chief Executive Administrator, “We don’t accept excuses from ourselves or our students and our top SAT scores are one small measurement of that commitment.”

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