Student Spotlight: Marta Taylor | CECCS

CEC Colorado Springs sophomore Marta Taylor is the first student this semester, and the second student ever in CECCS history, to earn all 10 of the Microsoft Office Certifications.

She has earned certifications in the 2019 version of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Expert, Word Expert, and Excel Expert. She was also granted the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert Specialist Certifications. While this in itself is impressive, to add to those accomplishments, Marta is also certified in IT Fundamentals, IT Fundamentals +, and PC Pro via TestOut. She is also working towards her A+ Certifications and Network + Certifications. Considering the fact that Marta is in her first semester of her sophomore year at Colorado Early Colleges, this is unprecedented!

“On the surface, certificates are simply a piece of paper saying I know how to do something. They are specialized diplomas. However, the Certification is also more specific than a diploma. Having a certification is a clear way to tell employers exactly what I can do, which cuts down on interview time and is a very appealing prospect for people seeking employees. I feel confident that with the certifications I will have by the time I graduate I will be able to have any job I want.”

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