School Spotlight: CEC Castle Rock Hosts United Curriculum Week!

This year at CEC Castle Rock, the teachers hosted a creative and in-depth week of united curriculum. Each class participated in solving a “Crime Scene Investigation” themed puzzle. When students got to school on November 1, they realized there had been a “struggle” in the teachers’ lounge and head of school, Ms. Blind, had been “abducted.” In each of their classes, students had a different assignment with the goal that together they would solve the mystery, find the suspect, and free Ms. Blind. Examples of these assignments are:

  • Photography classes took photos of the crime scene.
  • Robotics classes used their robots to recover the crumbled paper evidence from the teachers lounge.
  • Math, Spanish, and music classes worked to decipher the crumbled, coded puzzle papers.
  • Biology classes collected and analyzed DNA evidence.
  • English classes wrote news articles about the crime.
  • Statistics classes profiled the suspect.
  • Drones classes surveyed the roof to find even more evidence.

In the end, the students rose to the challenge and freed Ms. Blind. Everyone seemed to really enjoy working together for a common purpose and applying what they learned in various classes to a real-life example.

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