Staff Spotlight: Laura Carter – Dean of Advising at CECCS

We want to take time this summer to highlight our amazing staff at CEC! This week’s Staff Spotlight goes to Laura Carter, Dean of Advising at CEC Colorado Springs.

What is your educational background?
“My educational background did not include formal education training. I earned a BA in Kinesiology from CU Boulder, with the intent of earning a MS in Physical Therapy. That path took a sharp turn to earning my MOM cert (times 2) instead. Followed by getting a license in Massage Therapy and certified in Neuromuscular Therapy more than two decades ago. While raising two sweet girls I kept finding my way into their classrooms and onto PTA’s, educational committees and projects which led to employment in elementary, middle and finally high school. High school admin support became Advising support and by grace and phenomenal colleagues led to leadership in Advising at CECCS.”

What is your favorite class project at CEC?
“Last fall I had the opportunity to step out of the advising world a bit and co-taught a Well-Being/Yoga class. I was able to share some knowledge from my previous career life. My class created an edible spine entirely out of sweets & candy and learned about their nerves, vertebrae and spine health in the process. So fun!”

What are your hobbies outside of work/school?
“Hobby and full time obsession- caring for and playing with my granddaughters. Drawing, painting, gardening, furniture refurbishing, party decor, reading, hiking, and listening to my husband play piano.”

What does the CEC mission mean to you?
“The CEC mission means giving whole-hearted personal support, belief and opportunity to every single young life that walks through our doors, so each child knows they are worthy and capable of the successful life of their own choosing.”

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