Student Spotlight: Brasen Russell, CEC Inverness Senior and Colorado Youth Avalanche Sled Hockey Goalie!

Meet Brasen Russell, a senior at CEC Inverness. Due to a rare health condition, Brasen has had to overcome many challenges throughout his life. When he and his family moved to Colorado for his junior year, his main goal was to attend school in-person. Luckily, their realtor recommended they check out CEC Inverness. At CECI, Brasen found the academic support that he needed to achieve his goal, led by his advisor, Ms. Smith, and his CECI teachers.

Since joining CECI, Brasen not only started thriving in school, but also in sports and music. He is the goalie for the Colorado Avalanche youth sled hockey team and currently trains twice a week with the adult team. The adult para-athletes take time to mentor and encourage the youth team; which makes for an incredible sports program experience for Brasen and his teammates.  Their team traveled all over North America this season with great success, bringing home several medals and a National Grand Championship title.

Brasen is also an incredible drummer and became the contract drummer for Life.Church South Denver, making him the youngest drummer they have ever contracted with within their 42 nationwide and online campuses.

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