Welcome to CEC Inverness College Direct!

CEC Inverness College Direct (CECICD) is a tuition-free public charter high school option for ALL students in the Douglas County area.  Our students attend classes directly on the campus of one of our Accredited College Partners and have the ability to earn an associate degree, industry recognized certifications, or 60+ college course credits while simultaneously completing CEC high school graduation requirements.

Students who enroll with CEC Inverness College Direct have access to the same benefits available to those who attend classes on our Inverness High School campus.

  1. Individualized academic and career advising through the Inverness campus every semester
  2. Eligibility to compete in CHSAA sports
  3. Full-Time & Part-Time enrollment opportunities to meet the needs of our unique student population
  4. Opportunity to participate in traditional high school activities such as Student Council, NHS, Prom, and High School Graduation through the CEC Inverness High School campus
  5. Services Provided for Students with IEP, 504, ALP, and ELL plans
  6. Students attend all classes at a CEC Accredited College Partner campus location that is convenient for them and have access to on-campus college resources such as free tutoring, student activities and many other benefits of college student life
  7. Opportunity to earn a CEC High School Diploma and an Associate Degree, Industry Recognized Certifications, or 60+ College Course Credits

Dr. Jay Egger – Head of School

Stephanie Webb – Registrar

  • 720.505.4010 - Main
  • 321 Inverness Drive S, Englewood, CO 80112

Our Beliefs

CEC recognizes the responsibility we have been entrusted with to deliver a positive and lifelong impact on our students and their families, both academically and in life — and to deliver it with equity and fairness in the Colorado communities we have the privilege to serve. We have created a belief system to guide us in our endeavors in building strong campus communities that are filled with passion, driven by excellence, and dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Is College Direct Right for You?

We want your student to be successful and happy if they become a CECI College Direct student. Being a CECI College Direct student has its challenges and rewards and it requires students to fulfill a dual role. Your student will be taking all their courses at one of our partner community colleges (ACC, Red Rocks, CCD, etc.). This means they will be treated as college students. Below is a list of things to consider before making this important decision: 

  • All assignments, grades, and attendance records will be accessed through the student portal of the community college. You will not have access to your student’s information without a signed Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release form. This form must be initiated by the student and submitted to the college.  
  • If your student does not test “college ready,” they will take remedial Math and English classes at the community college. These will not count toward their college pathway, but they will fulfill the high school requirements. If they are unable to pass, they will need to repeat the courses. 
  • Students will not necessarily be in school all day like in a traditional high school. For example, they may have only one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This may be a great benefit to students who need a more flexible schedule like elite athletes or performing artists. Some students are even running their own business because of the flexibility! Class schedules are determined by the community college. CECI College Direct does not control the dates and times of classes.  
  • Most college classes have larger assignments that are due further apart. This will require exceptional discipline and time management skills from the student. A typical three credit class will require 6-9 hours of study time outside of class.  
  • While we include the College Direct students in all the CEC Inverness on-campus events, clubs, and activities, and we plan special events just for our College Direct students, there is not the traditional high school social life available…no common lunch hour or shared class schedules. Your student will need to be pro-active in getting involved. There are many opportunities through CECI or through the community college campus. Most of the campuses offer a concurrent enrollment club. 
  • While there is a large high-school aged concurrent enrollment population at most community colleges, your student will also be in classes with traditional (freshman) and non-traditional (older adult) students. 
  • The curriculum taught on the college campuses is controlled by the college and will reflect college level work. Readings and discussions can, at times, be more adult in nature.

What do our students like about College Direct?

variety of classes
passionate instruction
lack of busy-work
academic rigor

College Direct FAQs

All classes will be taken on the college campus of your choosing from our list of accredited community college partners. Attendance at a 4-year partner is subject to eligibility.

Yes, we have full-time advisors on staff for our CECI College Direct students at our CEC Inverness campus location. They will work one-on-one with your student, in person or remotely, to ensure they are on track for high school graduation and the postsecondary pathway of their choosing.

Yes. CECI College Direct students may partake in all CEC Inverness campus activities such as Homecoming, Prom, NHS, Student Council, student clubs, and more. They may also get involved in any clubs and activities offered at the community college they attend.

Yes. CECI College Direct students are eligible to play sports for their neighborhood school if they meet the CHSAA requirements. CECI may provide the flexibility students need to better participate in practices, meets, and tournaments subject to the community college class schedule.

All Full-Time CECI College Direct students who meet CEC Graduation Requirements will graduate through the CEC Inverness campus. CECI College Direct students are eligible to attend the May CECI graduation ceremony, and their high school diploma will designate them as a graduate of Colorado Early Colleges Inverness.

Yes. All Full-Time CECI College Direct students must complete both CEC Graduation Requirements and some of type of post-secondary option, which may include an Associate Degree, College or Industry Certificate or 60+ College Course Credits. All College credits will be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

College Direct Full-Time / Part-Time Fact Sheet

ConsiderationFor Full-Time StudentsFor Part-Time Students
Course Load7+ college credit hours per semester3-6 college credit hours per semester
Tuition Voucher$2,100 per semester$1,050 per semester
CEC Student TranscriptIncludes courses transferred in from previously attended schools, including homeschoolsCEC College Direct courses only
Earn a high school diploma through CEC Fort CollinsYesNo
Participate in the CEC Fort Collins High School Graduation CeremonyYesNo
Course of StudyMust follow graduation requirements and Individual Career Academic Plan of CEC Fort CollinsFollow goals and requirements of private school or homeschool
Enroll at another public school while enrolled at CECNo. CEC Fort Collins is a public charter school and you be enrolled in one public school.No. You may be enrolled in a private school or a homeschool, but not another public school
Change Full-Time or Part-Time status mid-year*Yes. A Full-Time student may drop to Part-Time status for 2nd semester. *No. A Part-Time student may not increase to Full-Time status until the next school year.
Attendance VerificationRequired for students taking community college coursesRequired for students taking community college courses
Grade Level DeterminationDetermined by prior year grade level and ageDetermined by prior year grade level and age
State Required Standardized Tests**9th, 10th, and 11th graders: CMAS, PSAT, and/or Colorado SAT**9th, 10th, and 11th graders: CMAS, PSAT, and/or Colorado SAT

*Students may change their status only once during their enrollment at CEC. A Part-Time student may opt to become a Full-Time student at the beginning of any school year. At that time, the student will need to provide an official transcript showing any credits earned outside of CEC.
**State required standardized tests are required for all Full-Time AND Part-Time CEC College Direct students. All CEC Fort Collins students must come to the designated testing site on the designated testing days, even if it requires the student to miss an off-campus college course.
Students may continue to be enrolled at CEC until they meet their graduation requirements or until they turn 21. Students who turn 21 on or before October 1st of the current school year are not eligible for enrollment.

CEC Network Success Stats

$0K average college expenses saved per student
0 students have graduated with a college degree
0K+ total college credits earned by our students
$0M+ saved in tuition, fees, and books for our students and families
0K+ college courses offered through our schools

Our Accredited College Partners

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