CEC Transportation Services

We believe that ensuring proper access to learning starts with our students traveling to and from school safely, regardless of their mode of travel. CEC Transportation currently offers bus service to and from certain CEC schools* for a limited number of students.

Parents/Guardians wishing to apply for available CEC Transportation bus services of behalf of their student or students may do so during the Student Enrollment process. For any questions regarding Student Enrollment, please contact your CEC school directly.

*CEC Bus Transportation is currently unavailable for CEC Fort Collins High School, CEC Fort Collins Middle School and CEC Inverness.


CEC Student & Community Bus Service Information

The CEC Network of schools uses the Zonar MyView™ bus tracking application to provide notifications for arrival times, potential delays and other important information. Usage of the MyView™ app will be required for bused students.

Please look for an email following Student Enrollment with more details on how to enroll in MyView™. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the app.

Buses owned and operated by the CEC Transportation Department are available for rental by Community Groups for external usage. The CEC Transportation Department shall be responsible for scheduling and approving the use of CEC buses by community groups using the following guidelines:

1) CEC-owned buses will be driven only by CEC employees as approved for that particular trip scheduled by the CEC Transportation Department.
2) Any approval of use shall be subject to cancellation in the event of adverse road, weather or other conditions which could reasonably present a danger to passengers, drivers or equipment or in the event of unexpected or emergency school needs.
3) All use shall be subject to the availability of appropriate equipment and personnel. The CEC Transportation Department may impose such requirements as are deemed necessary relative to supervisory personnel accompanying any group utilizing transportation equipment.
4) Incidental costs such as, but not limited to, alternative transportation in the event of a breakdown, feeding and housing of users and similar costs shall be the responsibility of the group using the equipment. Requests by Community Groups will be referred to the CEC Transportation Department by completing and submitting an CEC External Transportation Request Form.

For questions regarding CEC Student or Community Bus Services, please contact:

Michelle Sears-Ward
CEC Transportation Director
(720) 615-1990 Office

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