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The following section lists the policies that govern how CEC operates. For school-specific information, please see your school’s Student & Family Handbook.

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In response to hazardous weather or a public health emergency, such as COVID-19, CEC will implement its Remote Learning Plan.

CEC’s focus during remote learning is to:
  • • Ensure that CEC middle and high school students stay engage and continue the rigorous learning CEC values.
  • • Provide equitable access to all students so they can participate in and be successful during remote learning.
  • • Maintain connectedness to our students, employees, and communities.

CEC’s Network Remote Learning Plan outlines remote learning goals, keys to remote learning, remote learning expectations for students and staff, and mental health supports.

This section contains policies regarding the Network’s legal role in providing public education and includes policies on nondiscrimination and safe schools.

This section contains policies regarding CEC’s Governing Board, including how Board members are elected, how the Board is organized, how the Board conducts meetings, and how the Board operates.


This section contains policies regarding school finances and financial management.

This section contains policies regarding non-instructional services and programs, particularly those policies focused on school closures and cancellations, school safety plans, and transportation.

This section contains policies that apply to all school employees (instructional, support and administrative staff), excluding the Chief Executive Administrator.

This section contains policies regarding CEC’s instructional program and covers graduation requirements, curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources and academic achievement, special student services, assessments, and CEC’s Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Guarantee.

This section contains policies regarding parent and community involvement, including parents’ rights, public information, school visitors, parent engagement, public information, and communications.

Do You Have Questions?

CEC encourages staff, students, parents and all members of the CEC community to become familiar with our policies and procedures. For questions or comments regarding our policies and procedures, please contact:

Brenda Rhodes

Executive Office Administrator

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